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Scrap Your Vehicle


Why you should scrap your vehicle with Byrne Car Dismantlers?

Economic and Environmental Benefits:


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  • Get money from us for the vehicle you scrap.
  • Your vehicle is responsibly disposed of and recycled responsibly in line with ELV directives.
  • You will be given a Certificate of Destruction which shows your vehicle is de-registered with the National Vehicle Driver File (NVDF)
  • Promotes a genuinely “Green” environment


Easy to do, step-by-step

  • Remove the middle man from the equation by bringing your vehicle to us where we will weigh it and the scrap value will be calculated.
  • Receive your payment and Certificate of Destruction.
  • Alternatively we can collect. Call us on 0402 37217 or 0402 37544 to discuss collection. Please note, a collection charge may apply.
  • Secure in the knowledge  that your vehicle has been disposed of in the environmentally correct way manner.

What is the process when you go to scrap your vehicle

Step 1
All fluids in the vehicle are removed. And anything that can be recycled and used again is taken out.

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Step 2
The section of the car which can no longer be used is crushed and shredded.

Step 3
The material that has been recovered and is used to create many new products.